A list of must-try Hampton food is a great idea if you are a sugar addict. Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect treat for your sweet tooth and should melt in your mouth. They are also on the list of Hamptons food to try before you die! You’ll be glad you did when you see this delicious recipe! It’s sure to make your next visit to the Hamptons even more memorable. Here are a few more favorites to try.


Breakfast at Estia’s

The restaurant is best known for its breakfasts and lunches, but it also offers dinners, too. Estia’s serves Mexican cuisine. Crab appears in a tostada and is served with guacamole. The restaurant only serves dinners occasionally, but regulars love the fresh ingredients and convivial atmosphere. In addition to its excellent breakfasts and lunches, Estia’s also offers a private dining room for special occasions.


If you’re looking for a casual yet delicious Japanese restaurant in the Hamptons, try the delicious dishes at Yama-Q. The menu at this Bridgehampton eatery blends traditional Japanese dishes with new twists. Sushi at Yama-Q is especially outstanding, featuring fresh ingredients and perfect proportions. The restaurant also features a full bar and quick street parking. There’s something for everyone at this local favorite. If you’re looking for a place for lunch, brunch, or dinner, Yama-Q is the place for you.


The longtime Bridgehampton staple Almond is closing its doors on Dec. 5. The move comes after stalled lease negotiations. The owners have not stated where they plan to relocate, but they are urging fans to bid a fond farewell. Currently, the Almond menu features classic Italian fare and the new addition of Asian fusion dishes. Lemonides and Weiner have also opened an Almondito on Fire Island.

The Cowfish

Known as the Hamptons’ only sushi burger joint, The Cowfish combines two of the most popular cuisines: sushi and burgers. The restaurant is decorated with original pop art and features larger-than-life cowfish in fish tanks. The concept came about after chef Marcus Hall was inspired by his father and friends, who had a passion for the fusion of the two cuisines. Here’s the story behind the restaurant and its unique menu.

The American Hotel

The American Hotel Hampton is introducing four new varieties of waffles in its current core menu. A recent survey, conducted by Kelton Global for Hilton, found that 80 percent of Americans like their breakfast to be sweet. To appeal to this demographic, Hampton is introducing new Danish pastries and four new waffle flavors on a rotating schedule. All of these options will be available to guests in the regular and mini sizes. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and Hampton is taking steps to offer guests what they want.